Another classic piece of photographic equipment from long ago as brought to life by the inimitable Alex Zeng style and attention to detail.  Look at how the lens seems to actually be made of glass and able to reflect light, shadow, and image.  The pre-digital age is brought to life with this stunning camera creation and will bring back memories of dropping off the camera film at the local drug store to be developed.  You couldn’t wait to see how the pictures would turn out. EAD pioneered the development of tempered art glass panels four years ago and continues to expand on new generations utilizing this amazing digital technology.  This iteration is now created by encasing our reverse printed glass in a strong gunmetal aluminum frame.  The frame creates an aesthetic transition while still protecting and beautifying the central design of the artwork.

SLR Camera - AAGB-AZ004-2424

Shipping options:
  • Dimensions: 24 in. x 24 in. x 1 in.

    Reverse Printed Art Glass Collection Minimally Framed with Black Anodized Aluminum

    Availability: In Stock

    Ship Via FedEx Ground

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