This erotic painted wall sculpture is of the princess Danae, a figure from Greek mythology.  Danae was a princess of Argos in the Greek Peloponessos, a daughter of King Akrisios.  She was locked away by the King in a subterranean, bronze chamber when her father learned of a prophecy that he would be killed by a son of his daughter.  Her prison, however, was easily infiltrated by the god Zeus, who impregnated her.  Primo captures this elegant beauty in this remarkable work of art, which brings out her loveliness as well as her loneliness.

Danae - PMO-140215-4040

  • Dimensions: 40 in. X 40 in. X 3.1 in.

    Primo Mixed Media Hand Painted Iron Wall Sculpture

    Availability: End of October Ship Via FedEx Ground