Beijing Opera, or Peking Opera, is a kind of Chinese opera and has a 200-year-long history.  In ancient times, Beijing Opera was performed mostly on stage in the open air, teahouses, or temple courtyards.  The actors change masks onstage, unbeknownst to the audience.  This technique is known as “changing faces.”  This Alex Zeng creation is a homage to that time and the amazing art and variety of these masks.  The eyes seem to peer into your soul as you gaze at this amazing piece of work.  As always, this piece is framed in solid New Zealand pine and protected by a tempered glass lens.  It is also hand signed by the artist.

Beijing Opera Mask #1 - DAC-018

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  • Dimensions: 26 in. X 20 in. X 1.75 in. Hand Made Art Collage by Alex Zeng in Solid Wood Black Frame Availability: In Stock Ship Via FedEx Ground

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